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Healthy, wholesome plant-based protein. 

It’s the best rice you’ll ever eat. 

Oregon Wild Rice Package




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Oregon Wild Rice is packed with nutrition!

Plant-Based And 100% Oregon Farm Fresh Oregon Wild Rice.

Oregon Wild Rice Package

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“ You know that moment when you eat something you just know its good and healthy for you? That's my experience with Oregon Wild Rice!"

Cheryl Brost 2x CrossFit Games Champion
Roasted Salmon with wild rice medley and roasted asparagus topped with a white wine chive sauce

“ Oregon Wild Rice is unlike any other. The taste and texture are extraordinary, taking any meal to the next level. As a natural body builder I am drawn to Oregon Wild Rice not just for it's amazing texture, or it's incredible flavor, but also for its protein count."

Wendy Myers @wendyfitnessmodel
Black wild rice in a bowl. Grey stone background. Close up.

Oregon Wild Rice was love at first bite for me. It has a hint of woodsy aroma, nutty flavor and a very pleasant chewy texture, I have made a glorious Russian inspired King Salmon, Oregon Wild Rice and mushroom pie with it as well as paired it with heirloom beans, dried cherries, apricots and almonds for an elegant vegetarian side dish. For our next menu we are going to stuff grape leaves with Oregon Wild Rice and I can’t wait to share it with our guests. No matter what you decide to do with this extremely versatile product, I urge you to continue experimenting. There is not end to the possibilities.

Chef Vitaly Paley 2005 James Beard Award for “Best Chef Pacific Northwest”
2011 winner Food Network’s “Iron Chef America”
chef vitaly paley

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